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So you have decided to buy that new house or move into a new apartment. We know what it is like to have to spend every last dime for the security deposit or the down payment on your residence. We have started a new program just to help you!

In the past, after you completed all the paperwork for your new home you had to then connect all the utility services and some may have required a significant deposit. Well, thanks to the smart meter you and our companies vision you can now way for the electricity as you use it and no deposit is required if you new home has a smart meter.

All you have to do is fill out the form above and you will be directed to our Texas electricity web site. You will select your plan and be taken through about four forms. At the end if a deposit is required but your residence has a smart meter you can choose to either make the deposit or go with the pay as you go plan.

There is more! You can lower your electricity bill within your home significantly, saving you tons of money, and you can refer friends to Super Cheap Energy, which knocks down your monthly electric bill even more. By referring enough friends, you may even be able to eliminate your electricity bill completely with Super Cheap Energy.

As stated before, you can earn excellent bonuses and rewards.  Some of these include free travel points when you refer your friends and family.  Therefore, while you are cutting down the cost of your monthly energy bill, you can be earning travel points at the exact same time!  You get a free 2,000 travel reward points just for signing up and trying Super Cheap Energy.  That’s a great incentive and a great way to start saving for your next vacation because with Super Cheap Energy and lower Texas electric rates, you will be saving an abundant amount of money each and every month on your energy bill.

So, what are you waiting for?  Switch to Super Cheap Energy today and begin saving on your electricity bill and earn cheaper Texas electric rates.

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Service Gurantee

We are so certain your transition our service will be flawless that we're willing to guarantee it. If for any reason, we disconnect your electric service during the switching process, we will pay your first month's bill. No questions asked.

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